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SYMEX Technology has been the world leaders in providing Hydrocarbon Vapor Emission Control Systems to

Protecting Planet

SYMEX Technologies takes air pollutions seriously.

Providing Quality Systems

We are known for providing quality to our projects.

Customer Oriented Designs

Our designs and systems are customer oriented.

Updated technology

With the team of designers and engineers, SYMEX Technology is always moving towards innovations.

Safe Systems

We keep safety as our first priority. SYMEX Technologies has never had a safety issue with this design.

World class service

SYMEX Technology believes in long term association. We provide Free Lifetime Off-site Monitoring.


DRYVac Vapor Recovery Systems

SYMEX Technologies developed world’s first dry vacuum pump DRYVac exclusively for vapor control. DRYVac™ vapor recovery system is a smaller, simpler, smarter, and more efficient technology system.

SYMEX Technology has the inhouse designers and engineers who are constantly working on making the system more efficient with the help of latest technology. The new design has eliminated the weaknesses of those earlier plant designs, and allowed SYMEX Technologies to capitalize on the use of affordable electronic instrumentation to build a smart, self-managed VRU.
Now forget the wet vacuum pumps and their unwieldly seal fluid systems, heat exchangers, circulating pumps, and all of the costly, time consuming maintenance issues that came with them. Today’s VRU is the our new and advanced DRYVac™.

The key features & the benefits of every DRYVac™ Systems are:

30+% Lower Electrical Usage

Climate Controlled Electronics

Smart 21st Century Software

Better, Safer Carbon

Smaller Footprint

Longer Vacuum Pump Life

Far Less Maintenance

Fewer Moving Parts

Completely Dry Vacuum Pump

No Seal Fluid

Free Lifetime Off-site Monitoring


Hydrocarbon Vapor Emission Control

Protecting the Planet

At SYMEX Technologies we take air pollution more seriously than ever before! We’ve built a reputation for providing the world’s best and most efficient hydrocarbon vapor emission control system. You see, when hydrocarbons enter the atmosphere anywhere in the world, they react with the ultra-violet rays of the sun to form low level ozone, often called “smog”.

Upgrade your existing systems to our latest
DRYVac Vapor Recovery Systems.

SYMEX Technology has master the technology of upgrading your existing systems to advanced systems keeping in mind your requirements and fulfilling the requirements

Hydrocarbon Vapor Emission Control Systems

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