Technical Specifications

Dry Vapor Recovery System Bid Specifications

This document is a comprehensive set of technical specifications suitable for any new dry Ad/AB vapor recovery system (VRS) or application. Clients are encouraged to use this document as the basis for their bidding and/or procurement process for any new application.

Technical Papers

21st Century approach to Vapor Recovery

DRYVac™ is smaller and better because of the application of 21st century electronics, advanced compression technology, the latest industrial and Pentium computer platforms, carefully developed dedicated software, and 35 years of application experience.

Vapor Recovery Systems

Adsorption on Activated Carbon & Regeneration by means of a DryVAC™ Vacuum Compressor.

Technical Description ~ Dry Vacuum Systems

To help reduce air pollution from the manufacture and handling of chemical- and petrochemical products SYMEX Technologies Vapor Recovery System was developed.

Solving the Myth

How much gasoline is REALLY recovered?

The purpose of this paper is to bring about a much-needed change in the design

standards for hydrocarbon vapor emission systems in the bulk fuels terminal business.

Why Concentrations Vary

The realities of gasoline vapor hydrocarbon concentration.

Truck loading is totally dynamic, ever-changing, and not at all predictable.

Knowledge is Everthing

The past, present, and future of vapor recovery.

Permits Versus Equipment

A Case History: A look at EPA operating permit language and interpretation.

DRYVac Typical P&ID Drawing

Why Buy the Original DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System

There is only one original DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System. It was developed and perfected by SYMEX Americas.

Why Retrofit with Original DRYVac™ Technologies

There are over 600 vapor recovery systems in the world today. Today, the smartest vapor recovery technology is DRYVac™ Technology.