Apex Terminal Manager Bill Ransome and SYMEX Americas President Tim Hammond recently met to participate in the HAZOP review of Apex’s new Marine Vapor Recovery System (MVRS) in the Baltimore harbor. The system includes one completely computer controlled and self-managed DRYVac™ VR System with one USCG required Dock Safety Skid (DSS). The DSS will be located on the dock near the crane in this picture, while the VR System will be located in the tank farm.

This new Apex VR System will collect all hydrocarbon vapors, convert them back to liquid, and send them back to Apex’s storage tanks for resale. Hydrocarbon emissions from ship and barge loading operations will be reduced to the near-zero level in the process. SYMEX Americas will build this system in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Apex is a highly visible ILTA marine terminal in the Baltimore, MD Harbor. Apex chose SYMEX Americas because of its superior system management software and exceptional aftermarket service record. SYMEX Americas provides a no-charge (free) remote monitoring service for the life of each DRYVac™ VR Systems, assuring clients that expert eyes are on their system each and every week.