November 10, 2004 – DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System


November 10, 2004 – DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System commissioned at large Midwestern Truck Facility

On November 10, 2004, Symex Americas, LLC successfully commissioned its flagship DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System in a large Midwestern truck terminal facility. SYMEX Americas president, Tim Hammond, went on record saying, “This new DRYVac™ System is the most advanced of its kind. It is smaller, simpler, and much more efficient than anything the world has ever seen before. Our client loves it.”

The DRYVac™ System is a computer controlled air pollution prevention system designed to stop the formation of smog at its source. It is the technology of choice for the Environmental Protection Agency. It saves 30-50% of the energy needed to operate all older systems. “With over 1000 old, less efficient systems in the US today, our focus is on the retrofit opportunity here,” says Hammond.

SYMEX Americas, LLC serves the major and independent liquid terminals business sector.


The sunrise photo at the left depicts the most modern, smartest, most self-managed gasoline vapor emission control system in the world today. It works using a shaped, dense, activated carbon to capture the hazardous hydrocarbons contained in motor fuels before they enter the atmosphere and become smog, the major type of air pollution today.

The process is simple. The carbon (stored in the large vessel in the background) adsorbs and concentrates the hydrocarbons. Special dry screw vacuum compressors remove the concentrated hydrocarbon vapors from the activated carbon. The compressors discharge the concentrated hydrocarbon vapors into an absorption vessel (the tallest vessel in the photo) where they are converted back into liquid gasoline. This liquid gasoline stream is returned to storage for resale to future customers. The system is called “DRYVac™”. Since it creates liquid gasoline it generates income. The system usually pays for itself in a year or less.


November 2007 – Second DRYVac™ Shipped to China!


On May 31, 2005, TESCO’s Symex Americas, LLC division successfully completed the retrofit of an older vapor recovery system, converting the low-tech, worn out system into a modern, highly efficient DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System.

The retrofit DRYVac™ System reduced the client’s energy bills by about 40% while recovering even more gasoline than before. The result is a much improved cash flow position for the client. The retrofit included every component a new DRYVac™ System would have had except the carbon vessels. The client had two nine year-old carbon vessels in their inventory. These used vessels were found to be in good condition, and were used to reduce the client’s cost. They were fitted with new valves, controls, and our specialty FloMax™ carbon to maximize terminal loading while reducing carbon bed back-pressure. The result was a like-new, totally modernized system at a fraction of the cost. Every component is accessible, making maintenance much easier than on the old, skidded and cramped unit. And, the client is amazed at the operating HMI with its user friendly software reporting every condition all the time in the terminal computer control room for each operator to see. The client’s engineer says, “This system is really a quantum leap!”

SYMEX Americas, LLC serves the major and independent liquid terminals business sector of the petroleum industry.


The system pictured here is a DRYVac™ retrofit. It is simpler, smarter, and a much better system than it was before the retrofit. Only the carbon vessels remain. All other components and electronics are brand new. Its electronics and software are strictly 21st century. They are also housed in an air conditioned building, completely out of the weather! Every part of the process is measured and self-managed by the powerful ESP™ software package. Every data point is displayed on a 19″ Terminal Control Room HMI, in color of course!The process is still carbon adsorption and gasoline absorption, but it is modernized, and much improvedThe heart of the system, and what makes it stand apart, are the special dry screw vacuum compressors. These dry compressors are so much more efficient than the liquid ring pumps used in the old system that there is no comparison! DRYVac™ creates liquid gasoline and returns it to the client’s storage tanks. That gasoline generates income, often paying for the DRYVac™ System in three years or less.


July 2006 – “Hazardous Cargo Bulletin” reports


July 2006 – “Hazardous Cargo Bulletin” reports Tesco’s Symex DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System Purchased by China’s state petroleum company Sinopec.

The “Hazardous Cargo Bulletin” (aka HCB) recently reported that the Chinese government has invested more that half a million dollars in a new DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System for its Sinopec Changxindian Terminal, Beijing’s largest gasoline loading facility. Please refer to Page 37 of the July 2006 edition, or Click Here to download and read the full article.


November 2007 – Second DRYVac™ Shipped to China!

With the first DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System commissioned and running in Beijing, SYMEX Americas has shipped a second SINOPEC system to our partner there, Bay Oil and Equipment (Beijing) Co. Upon arrival Bay Oil will install the newest DRYVac™ System in Sinopec’s Dongfang Terminal near Beijing.

Bay Oil assumed a larger role in this second system for China by using SYMEX Americas design and managing the fabrication of the large process vessels in China. This extra effort allowed SYMEX Americas and Bay Oil to deliver the system to Sinopec in under 12 weeks, less than half the time normally required. Bay Oil’s president Wei “Kevin” Wei and SYMEX Americas president Tim Hammond have signed a long-term agreement for Bay Oil to represent SYMEX Americas advanced vapor recovery technology in China. Hammond says, “We are very proud of our partner in China. Bay Oil is particularly respected and well known in China. They have forged a path sure to result in more and more DRYVac™ Systems being installed in China.” Hammond goes on to say, “Informed clients choose DRYVac™ every time. Sinopec is now very well informed regarding the superiority of our technology thanks to the efforts of Bay Oil’s staff in Beijing.”


October 2007 – SYMEX Americas Starts Changxindian VRU


In September 2007 China’s first DRYVac™ VRU was successfully commissioned by SYMEX Americas. This new and highly advanced system was installed by local representative Bay Oil and Equipment Company (Beijing).

The following press release was issued by Sinopec to commemorate the event.

“On September 11th, 2007, Zhang Lijun, Deputy Director of the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA, China’s EPA), accompanied by Shi Hanmin, Director of Beijing Bureau of Environmental Protection, and related officials of Sinopec, went to the Changxindian Terminal to inspect the Bay Oil’s vapor recovery project. Director Zhang of SEPA asked in great detail on the operational principle and recovery rate of our VRU, and showed his satisfaction on the dry adsorption technology and annual economic return

Also, Direction Zhang, Director Shi with Beijing EPA and other officials got a comprehensive idea of the VRU’s structure, principle of operation, and installation process and start-up.

Deputy Director Zhang and other officials fully affirmed what Bay Oil had done, and required Bay Oil to work even harder to further contribute to the energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as in the Beijing Air Clean-up effort.”


October 2007 – SYMEX Americas Completes Three Hungarian Vapor Control Retrofits in Five Weeks!


SYMEX Americas teamed up with Hungarian firm Birtech to convert three 10 year old “wet” vapor recovery systems to DRYVac™ Systems complete with new computer software and a user-friendly computer monitoring system. The three old units were owned and operated by MOL, the Hungarian Oil Company. All three had routinely exceeded emissions limits, so the time had come for retrofit, renewal, and modernization.

SYMEX Americas and Birtech divided the scope of supply, partnering to maximize the efficiency of performing the three complete retrofits in record time. SYMEX Americas provided the mechanical and electrical designs and a few of the component parts. Birtech procured all of the new components locally, and provided the skilled labor and specialty equipment needed.

“It normally takes 3-4 weeks to execute a complete retrofit here in the states, and twice as long overseas,” says Tim Hammond, SYMEX Americas president. Executing all three Hungarian projects in just under five weeks is a testimonial to the value and benefits of a teaming effort with the right partner. “Birtech proved to be a solid and resourceful partner on these projects,” said Bill Ball who traveled to Hungary and successfully helped Birtech manage the overall effort.

Each retrofit is now a thing of beauty, runs perfectly, and set the right example of how to execute a complex project in a very short time frame.


September 2009 – Clients See the Value of Free Monitoring



Clients all over the world report that the benefits of SYMEX Americas free system-lifetime monitoring and support add real value to their decisions to purchase DRYVac™ vapor recovery systems. “Sometimes they know more about our VRU operation than we do”, reports one owner. “They keep us informed, and give us the support we need 24/7!”, reports another. “When we request an addition or modification to their graphics, it just happens! Often overnight!”, reports yet another. Each client provides a secure, password protected, high speed internet connection. Each HMI is set up with a high security, too. As software improvements are made SYMEX Americas software specialists download them for free, keeping each DRYVac™ Systems up to date … always!


February 2010 – Ipiranga, Brazil


A major rail terminal operator in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil, Companhia Brasileira de Petroleo Ipiranga, has selected SYMEX Americas to design and install one new DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System to prevent air pollution and recover valuable hydrocarbons generated during their rail car loading operations in Paulinea. This system will be partially manufactured in Brazil to minimize import duties and freight costs for Ipiranga.


April 2011 – SYMEX Americas Succeeds in India


Murli Rajan Licensee SAI Tools has landed its first order in India for a DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System for India Oil Company Ltd. CEO Murli Rajan is most proud of his team in their diligent efforts to win this order, and to execute the manufacturing and assembly of the major components locally.

“It’s been an arduous task,” says Mr. Rajan. “Any time you take on something new for the first time, it’s a steep learning curve. But now that the start-up is near, I am extremely proud to bring this excellent technology to my country.” SYMEX Americas is extremely proud of the SAI Tools team effort to make this project a reality.


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