On May 31, 2005, TESCO’s Symex Americas, LLC division successfully completed the retrofit of an older vapor recovery system, converting the low-tech, worn out system into a modern, highly efficient DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System.

The retrofit DRYVac™ System reduced the client’s energy bills by about 40% while recovering even more gasoline than before. The result is a much improved cash flow position for the client. The retrofit included every component a new DRYVac™ System would have had except the carbon vessels. The client had two nine year-old carbon vessels in their inventory. These used vessels were found to be in good condition, and were used to reduce the client’s cost. They were fitted with new valves, controls, and our specialty FloMax™ carbon to maximize terminal loading while reducing carbon bed back-pressure. The result was a like-new, totally modernized system at a fraction of the cost. Every component is accessible, making maintenance much easier than on the old, skidded and cramped unit. And, the client is amazed at the operating HMI with its user friendly software reporting every condition all the time in the terminal computer control room for each operator to see. The client’s engineer says, “This system is really a quantum leap!”

SYMEX Americas, LLC serves the major and independent liquid terminals business sector of the petroleum industry.


The system pictured here is a DRYVac™ retrofit. It is simpler, smarter, and a much better system than it was before the retrofit. Only the carbon vessels remain. All other components and electronics are brand new. Its electronics and software are strictly 21st century. They are also housed in an air conditioned building, completely out of the weather! Every part of the process is measured and self-managed by the powerful ESP™ software package. Every data point is displayed on a 19″ Terminal Control Room HMI, in color of course!The process is still carbon adsorption and gasoline absorption, but it is modernized, and much improvedThe heart of the system, and what makes it stand apart, are the special dry screw vacuum compressors. These dry compressors are so much more efficient than the liquid ring pumps used in the old system that there is no comparison! DRYVac™ creates liquid gasoline and returns it to the client’s storage tanks. That gasoline generates income, often paying for the DRYVac™ System in three years or less.