With the first DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System commissioned and running in Beijing, SYMEX Americas has shipped a second SINOPEC system to our partner there, Bay Oil and Equipment (Beijing) Co. Upon arrival Bay Oil will install the newest DRYVac™ System in Sinopec’s Dongfang Terminal near Beijing.

Bay Oil assumed a larger role in this second system for China by using SYMEX Americas design and managing the fabrication of the large process vessels in China. This extra effort allowed SYMEX Americas and Bay Oil to deliver the system to Sinopec in under 12 weeks, less than half the time normally required. Bay Oil’s president Wei “Kevin” Wei and SYMEX Americas president Tim Hammond have signed a long-term agreement for Bay Oil to represent SYMEX Americas advanced vapor recovery technology in China. Hammond says, “We are very proud of our partner in China. Bay Oil is particularly respected and well known in China. They have forged a path sure to result in more and more DRYVac™ Systems being installed in China.” Hammond goes on to say, “Informed clients choose DRYVac™ every time. Sinopec is now very well informed regarding the superiority of our technology thanks to the efforts of Bay Oil’s staff in Beijing.”