SYMEX Americas teamed up with Hungarian firm Birtech to convert three 10 year old “wet” vapor recovery systems to DRYVac™ Systems complete with new computer software and a user-friendly computer monitoring system. The three old units were owned and operated by MOL, the Hungarian Oil Company. All three had routinely exceeded emissions limits, so the time had come for retrofit, renewal, and modernization.

SYMEX Americas and Birtech divided the scope of supply, partnering to maximize the efficiency of performing the three complete retrofits in record time. SYMEX Americas provided the mechanical and electrical designs and a few of the component parts. Birtech procured all of the new components locally, and provided the skilled labor and specialty equipment needed.

“It normally takes 3-4 weeks to execute a complete retrofit here in the states, and twice as long overseas,” says Tim Hammond, SYMEX Americas president. Executing all three Hungarian projects in just under five weeks is a testimonial to the value and benefits of a teaming effort with the right partner. “Birtech proved to be a solid and resourceful partner on these projects,” said Bill Ball who traveled to Hungary and successfully helped Birtech manage the overall effort.

Each retrofit is now a thing of beauty, runs perfectly, and set the right example of how to execute a complex project in a very short time frame.