November 10, 2004 – DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System commissioned at large Midwestern Truck Facility

On November 10, 2004, Symex Americas, LLC successfully commissioned its flagship DRYVac™ Vapor Recovery System in a large Midwestern truck terminal facility. SYMEX Americas president, Tim Hammond, went on record saying, “This new DRYVac™ System is the most advanced of its kind. It is smaller, simpler, and much more efficient than anything the world has ever seen before. Our client loves it.”

The DRYVac™ System is a computer controlled air pollution prevention system designed to stop the formation of smog at its source. It is the technology of choice for the Environmental Protection Agency. It saves 30-50% of the energy needed to operate all older systems. “With over 1000 old, less efficient systems in the US today, our focus is on the retrofit opportunity here,” says Hammond.

SYMEX Americas, LLC serves the major and independent liquid terminals business sector.


The sunrise photo at the left depicts the most modern, smartest, most self-managed gasoline vapor emission control system in the world today. It works using a shaped, dense, activated carbon to capture the hazardous hydrocarbons contained in motor fuels before they enter the atmosphere and become smog, the major type of air pollution today.

The process is simple. The carbon (stored in the large vessel in the background) adsorbs and concentrates the hydrocarbons. Special dry screw vacuum compressors remove the concentrated hydrocarbon vapors from the activated carbon. The compressors discharge the concentrated hydrocarbon vapors into an absorption vessel (the tallest vessel in the photo) where they are converted back into liquid gasoline. This liquid gasoline stream is returned to storage for resale to future customers. The system is called “DRYVac™”. Since it creates liquid gasoline it generates income. The system usually pays for itself in a year or less.